First-ever recovery of extrasolar metal substances: Harvard University

Scientists at Harvard University physicist Abi Rob claimed to have recovered materials from outside the solar system for the first time in history.Harvard physicist Abi Rob said his team’s initial analysis of metal fragments discovered in the Pacific Ocean in June suggests they came from interstellar space.

The remnant cam from a meter-size object that crashed off the coast of Papua, New Guinea in 2014, which Professor Loeb claims wasan alien craft The wreck came from a meter-sized object that crashed off the coast of Papua, New Guinea in 2014 and Professor Rob claims it is a spaceship

The wreckage came from a meteor-like object that crashed off the Papua New Guinea coast in 2014, and Professor Rob has not ruled out the possibility that it may be a fragment of a spacecraft.The team discovered about 700 small metal spheres during its expedition, and 57 analyzed contain configurations that do not match natural or artificial alloys.The findings have yet to answer whether the sphere is artificial or natural. Professor Rob said this was the next question his research was trying to answer.Professor Rob said Tuesday, “This discovery is historic because it is the first case in which humans touched materials from large objects that arrived on Earth outside the solar system.”Professor Rob told . I was thrilled when Stein Jacobson reported on it based on results in his lab.

A Harvard duo recovered 50 unusualiron spheres after tracking down the unidentified object, known as IM1, off the coast of Papua New Guinea last week of a $1.5 million underwater search mission Harvard’s duo recovered 50 unknown balls from Papua New Guinea coast last week

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However, the data shows something new that has never been reported in scientific literature. Science is guided by evidence.Also, Professor Rob told that future research on whether the sculpture is just a part of space rock or the remains of space technology that has floated in space for thousands of years will give the answer.

For now, I wanted to make sure that these materials came from outside the solar system, he said.Successful exploration shows the value of risking science in spite of all adversity as an opportunity to discover new knowledge.”Rob and his team have published their findings that have not yet been reviewed by colleagues.

That was said that the fragments that were known as spherical, but the liquid drop was made of a small thing that liquid drop was previously prepared.And the texture of the round object is expressed rapidly cooling.Fan Gaga Chipsets Editorial Writer KiChannel Image Connection? Foundation? Foundation? Harvard physicist Avi Loeb says hundreds of tiny fragments he found at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean ARE from outside our solar system(Source: Avi Loeb Really Have Proof of Alien Technology?!

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